Camping in the National Park


With its spectacular scenery and accessible lochshores, the National Park is a popular place for camping. Our ambition is that the combination of opportunities for ‘wild camping’, the campsites here and our investment in new camping facilities will provide the right range and number of opportunities to camp in the National Park. You can view our Camping Development Strategy here.

Recently we have invested in developing good quality informal campsites on some of the National Park’s most scenic lochshore areas from Sallochy Bay in east Loch Lomond, The Cabin at Loch Lubnaig and our new campsite on the shores of Loch Chon (opening 1 March 2017).


We understand that different visitors want different camping experiences: from luxurious ‘glamping’ and campsites with some of the luxuries of home, to places for campervans to stop over or getting away from it all with a tent in your rucksack. In addition to the fantastic opportunities the National Park offers to ‘wild camp’ away from the masses, we think there is a need to provide more informal facilities (like those at Sallochy or Loch Lubnaig) to support camping on other lochshores.

Campervan at Loch Lubnaig

As part of our Your Park recommendations we’re working with partners from the public, private and third sector to introduce more low-cost opportunities to camp near our easily-accessible lochshores.  You can find out more information about our proposals here.

The National Park’s Camping Development Strategy sets out the camping provision that will support the new camping byelaws that come into effect in the National Park on 1st March 2017. The programme of investment outlined in the Strategy is vital to the Your Park project, which aims to protect our fragile, beautiful lochshores and improve the experience of people camping, visiting and living in the National Park. You can explore current camping provision in the National Park here.

Camping Byelaws 2017

Camping is welcome throughout the National Park but in order to protect some of our most cherished lochshores, byelaws covering camping and firelighting will come into effect in some parts of the Park between March and September. Camping from October to February is unaffected.

The byelaws create Camping Management Zones covering less than 4% of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. Camping within these Zones (March – September) will only be possible in campsites or with a camping permit. In addition to the many campsites already within the National Park, the byelaws will create at least 300 further low-cost camping spaces. You can find out more about the byelaws and book a permit here.

Responsible Camping


Whichever way you choose to camp please ensure you do it responsibly. Leave nothing but footprints and always adhere to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code . Also read our advice on how to Respect Your Park >

In this short film one of our National Park Rangers, Leigh takes us through the basics of responsible camping. Enjoy!