Your Park recommendations explained



On Monday (27 April), our Board will meet to make a decision on the Your Park recommendations to protect the fragile lochshore environments totalling 3.7% of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park‘s 720 square miles and a commitment to provide 300 low-cost camping places.


Our busiest and most accessible lochshores are being damaged by a combination of unsustainable levels of camping and antisocial camping behaviour in these popular ‘honey-pot’ locations.  The experience for visitors and local residents is being spoiled and the local economy that relies on tourism is suffering.


In October 2014, our Board approved plans to consult on the Your Park proposals that were based on years of experience of dealing with these issues and on evidence gathered both by our own Rangers and through our joint working with Police Scotland on Operation Ironworks.   Through the consultation we sought views on (a) proposals into invest in providing better camping facilities and (b) introducing camping byelaws on and around busy lochshores in less than 5% of the National Park’s 720 square miles. If you want to read more about the Your Park camping consultation full details can be found here.

These proposals were subject to a 12-week consultation that attracted 336 responses from a broad range of people and organisations with an interest in the Park.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to get involved. The consultation report provides an overview of what we heard through the consultation.

The recommendations we are now making to our Board have been improved following some constructive feedback that came through consultation responses including from the supportive responses from key delivery partners including Police Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland and SNH.

Full details of the recommendations we are making to our Board can be found in the Recommendations Report and accompanying appendices here.  In these 4 ‘management zones’ we’re committing to provide 300 low-cost opportunities to camp (by permit or bookable pitches) and we’re asking our Board to approve a camping management byelaw that will regulate where and when it’s possible to camp within these management zones (in the busiest summer months).

What happens next?

The Board will meet on Monday to decide if they are content to approve these recommendations.  Any media enquiries between now and then should be directed to The BIG Partnership.

For further information, contact:
Kelly Paterson
T: 0141 333 9585 M: 0788 2152914
Katie Burnett
T: 0141 333 9585 M: 07525 592825



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