Statement: in response to Mountaineering Scotland release


In response to the press release issued by Mountaineering Scotland on 9th December 2016, a spokesperson for the National Park Authority said:

“The National Park Board will on Monday consider a report outlining further details of how seasonal byelaws will be operated from March 2017 to manage camping pressures covering less than 4% of the Park’s 720 square miles. This includes the provision of over 300 camping places through a mix of campsites and camping permit areas (for tents and motorhomes). These measures were approved by Scottish Ministers earlier this year following a period of wide consultation by the Park Authority which began in 2014.

“Following a previous Board decision to approve camping areas, the report proposes a £3 per tent/motorhome charge in camping permit areas, £7 per adult charge for a serviced campsite, with children going free.

“The report highlights ‘the need to ensure that camping is low-cost and accessible to all, while recognising the need to recover some of the costs of looking after these busy locations’.”



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