Our Vision


Camping is a popular activity in the National Park, often combined with other outdoor activities like fishing, cycling, walking or canoeing.

Our National Park Partnership Plan 2012-2017 was widely consulted on and agreed with our communities and partners – it guides everything we do.

In it we share our vision where we pledge to ensure:

  • the National Park is a place for visitors to enjoy
  • there will be a variety of high quality campsites where people from all backgrounds can pitch their tents and enjoy the outdoors without damaging the environment
  • campervans have places to stop that provide the right facilities all across the National Park
  • all are provided at a reasonable cost

We also want to ensure:

  • there are lots of different recreation activities for everyone on and around the National Park’s many lochs
  • that the natural environment is conserved and enhanced for future generations

Why do we need to make changes?

We know that the experience on many of our loch shores falls far short of this vision and we want to do more to change that.

For many years we have been gathering information from our ranger and police patrols about our busiest sites. We monitor how much these areas are being used and what sorts of damage is being caused. Sadly, we’ve found:

How we work in partnership with communities and partners

We already work closely with Police Scotland through ‘Operation Ironworks’, our planned programme of ranger and police patrols, to tackle the antisocial and sometimes criminal behaviour that occurs every year at many sites.

As a result of the evidence we have gathered, The National Park Authority, supported by our partners, is proposing to take more steps to enhance National Park lochshores.

We have also been listening to those communities in the National Park whose daily lives are blighted by this inconsiderate behaviour. The vast majority of the feedback we receive demonstrates that people who live in the National Park are impatient for more action to be taken.


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