Looking back, the final furlong, and what lies ahead


As we enter the final few days of our Your Park consultation it feels like a good time to not only look back over the activity during the consultation, but also look at what lies ahead for the Your Park team – in terms of the process we’ll go through with all of the responses we have gathered, how they are collated and what happens next. The most important thing to say upfront however is a huge thank you to everyone that has taken the time to engage with the consultation materials and information, and participate by responding.

Since the consultation started on 13 October 2014…

  • more than 2,000 people have spent a total of over 125 hours – equivalent of more than 5 whole days on the dedicated website www.thisisyourpark.org.uk
  • social media posts via dedicated twitter and facebook feeds have been seen by over 60,000 people
  • community representatives and local residents took the chance to take part in our series of local events throughout November and December in Callander, Balmaha, Balquiddder, Arrochar, Ardentinny and Balloch
  • Your Park has had national, local and regional and media coverage on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines including BBC Reporting Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Out of Doors’ and Landward to name just a few

All-in-all there has been lots of good discussion and debate with many perspectives and angles represented and considered.

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The consultation closes at midnight this coming Monday 12 January 2015, so there is still time to respond if you haven’t yet had your say.

What lies ahead…

The Your Park team have already started work processing responses as they have come in, but as is common with most consultation processes we tend to receive the largest volumes in the final week, so it will be after the 12 January when they we really get into the detail of analysing all the responses! It is important to understand that consultations don’t work like a petition or a vote, so this isn’t as easy as just totting up the numbers ‘for’ and ‘against’ per say. The team will analyse and consider each response on an individual basis, weighing up the quality and validity of each of the points made within the contributions. The output from this phase of work will be:

  1. a report giving a factual summary of who responded, where from and the key themes that arise
  2. a recommendation paper for the National Park Authority Board to consider in Spring 2015.

As we go through this process we will provide updates when we can via our social media feeds, so if you don’t already, please do follow us on Twitter @yourparktweets and/or on facebook.com/thisisyourpark.


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