Leave no trace – responsible camping


Responsible camping

Leave no trace, responsible camping

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We think camping is a brilliant way to get outside and connect with nature and the outdoors. There are a few simple steps to take to make sure that both you and the people around you have the best experience possible.

Outdoor writer, Chris Townsend, wrote this piece for The Great Outdoors magazine, with 5 essential tips for first-time wild camping.

Scottish Natural Heritage also provide this guidance on how to camp responsibly on their Outdoor Access Scotland site.

And one of our National Park Rangers, Leigh talks through these steps in this short video.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or tips for making sure that you leave no trace of your visit when you camp.

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  1. As a keen responsible camper,I would be against a ban on the west side of Loch lomond. there are few places that are available to people to get away from the rut of every day life. As to others leaving a mess behind,they must be educated on the laws of wild camping whether it signage or rangers. They must not be allowed to ruin it for the majority.
    my family and friends have always enjoyed weekends at loch lomond and I’m sure you wouldn’t want people going futher inland to abuse unused land ruining flora an fauna.
    scotland is a beautiful country an there should be places for the responsible camper to enjoy the scenery,taste of camping catering and banter round a camp fire.
    I have visited places such as Luss where the is no camping done but the mess left behind is unbelievable by visitors . you feel sorry for the residents.there is no policing policy here and lack of bins.
    whereas futher up the road barely do you see rubbish scatter about the place.

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