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Proposals for improving the experience across the National Park

Despite applying our full Visitor Experience Mix across the National Park, there are other lochshore areas that continue to suffer from similar problems to those ones faced on east Loch Lomond.

These additional proposed zones are:
  • west Loch Lomond (including north Loch Long)
  • the wider Trossachs area
  • a slight extension to the existing east Loch Lomond Management Zone (see map 2 below)

Map 1: Proposed Management Zones

The map below gives a general overview of the three proposed zones our consultation will cover.

East Loch Lomond is covered by an existing Management Zone (East Loch Lomond Camping Byelaws 2011), which through this project is proposed to be extended to include a stretch of land suffering similar problems. The maps below show the proposed extension to the east Loch Lomond Management Zone.

Issues faced across the three proposed Management Zones include:

  • dangerous and excessive parking on road verges and passing places
  • summer-long caravan encampments in the area’s most scenic laybys
  • litter and entire abandoned campsites

We also see:

  • damage to trees and vegetation from sheer numbers of people and from campfires
  • our lochshores being used as toilets, leaving human waste behind
  • antisocial and at times violent behaviour
  • community and visitor feedback about the poor experience at our lochshore sites in these areas
These are not new problems – we are seeing the impact of over-used popular lochshore visitor sites coupled with years of entrenched behaviour that is spoiling the area for everyone. We hope that you will agree that this is far from our vision for what visiting our National Park should be like.

We want to take action to improve the situation so we are consulting on a proposal to dramatically improve the experience on our lochshores by:

  • working with communities, local landowners and our public sector partners invest in providing a range of good quality camping options near these popular lochshore areas
  • managing camping in these areas by introducing byelaws that allow for sustainable levels of camping in Management Zones and that deal with damage to the environment and antisocial behaviour.

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