Have your say

Your Park offered the opportunity to have your say and to get involved.

The public consultation on the Your Park proposals ran from Monday 13 October 2014 until Monday 12 January 2015.

The Your Park team have already started work processing responses as they have come in, but as is common with most consultation processes we tend to receive the largest volumes in the final week, so it will be after the 12 January when they we really get into the detail of analysing all the responses!  The team will analyse and consider each response on an individual basis, weighing up the quality and validity of each of the points made within the contributions. The output from this phase of work will be:

  1. a report giving a factual summary of who responded, where from and the key themes that arise
  2. a recommendation paper for the National Park Authority Board to consider in Spring 2015.

As we go through this process we will provide updates when we can via our social media feeds, so if you don’t already, please do follow us on Twitter @yourparktweets and/or on facebook.com/thisisyourpark.

There were 2 parts to the consultation that we asked you to comment on.

The questions we asked:



Investment Q1. Do you agree that over the next five years the National Park Authority should invest in improving camping provision within the three proposed Management Zones?
Investment Q2. Do you agree with the proposed areas of opportunity for additional camping provision?



Byelaws Q1: Do you agree that these byelaws should be introduced?
Byelaws Q2: Do you agree with the wording of the proposed byelaws?
Byelaws Q3: Do you agree with the proposed zones for the byelaws?

You can read the consultation document online here


We want to hear from you if:

  • you are a landowner and you are interested in becoming involved in developing new camping facilities
  • you are a business, charitable organisation, individual or part of a community organisation interested in getting involved in setting up or running new camping facilities.

Email us at getinvolved@thisisyourpark.org.uk