Consultation Phase

In October 2014 we held a 12-week high profile public consultation on Your Park - a programme to enhance the visitor experience in the National Park and to improve our most cherished lochshores which are suffering from damaging overuse and the irresponsible behaviour of some.

At the heart of the Your Park proposals is a desire to improve the camping experience in the National Park and to encourage people to come and make the most of the outdoors here.  At the moment, the experience on some of our lochshores is far from the world-class experience visitors would expect in a National Park – risking putting people off using these areas.  We want to make sure there are a better and wider range of opportunities to camp across the National Park, with the right facilities in place.

The Your Park consultation sought views on proposed management zones covering less than 5% of the National Park.  Specifically we asked for views on:

1. Proposed investment in camping provision, through a mixture of camping permits and bookable pitches
2. Proposed camping management byelaws (covering responsible behaviour, camping and managing how laybys are used) in three proposed Management Zones.

There was an excellent response to the consultation with 336 contributors wishing to have their view on our proposals.

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